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Maximize Your Outdoor Living Space with ACT House Landscaping & Maintenance

Maximize Your Outdoor Living Space with ACT House Landscaping & Maintenance

Everyone likes spending time outdoors during the summer, and outdoor living spaces are the ideal place to hang out with your family. Probably that is why outdoor living areas are becoming increasingly popular. These living spaces provide a comfortable spot to rest and mingle outside of the home. You may turn your outdoor escape into an ultimate entertaining area or a relaxing haven. The possibilities for customization are endless, and you should not miss out on it.

If you have kids, they would appreciate the open space as they would have plenty of open space to have fun and relax during the summer. Another benefit of having an outdoor living space is that it adds to your property value, and if you plan to sell your house one day, you would be able to put a good price on it. You can hire professional services for garden landscaping maintenance in Canberra to help you set up your outdoor space.

Things To Include in Your Outdoor Living Space

If your outdoor space is not used for a long-time, you will first need to clean and prep it for the main project. Depending on the size of your outdoor space, you can utilize it in various ways. Here are some ideas that you might like:

  1. Patio: Patios are becoming increasingly common for outdoor living areas as they can be used all year, even in the cold. A hot tub or including the area with a heater might make it more pleasant. Patios are a relatively inexpensive way of improving homes value and are popular upgrades among buyers. They additionally allow innovative flexibility, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind exterior setting that demonstrates landscape or provides privacy.
  1. Plants and Foliage: Consider soil type, wind and sun exposure, evaporation rates, and moisture levels while designing a superb outdoor setting with plants and greenery. Native plants thrive in their native habitat and need less water and fertilizer. Exotic species should be dealt with caution, and invasive species should be avoided. Turf grass and low-water-use kinds may be strategically placed.
  1. Fire Pit: A central location to unwind after work should be incorporated in an outdoor living space, and a stone fireplace could serve as the ideal focal point for fall nights and spring mornings. A sports destination may be created by mounting a TV on the fireplace. Set up outdoor seats surrounding the fireplace and relax with friends and refreshments. You can get in touch with local stores to find some of the best furniture pieces for your fire pit.
  1. Water Feature or Pool: Water features and pools are excellent upgrades to any outdoor space because they bring splendour, relaxation, and entertainment. It offers calming sounds and visual appeal while functioning as an informal gathering place for family and friends. You further enhance security and safety by installing lighting and isolating yard areas.
  1. Masonry Kitchen: A masonry kitchen is a fantastic feature of outdoor living space for food enthusiasts and cooks. For convenience, the kitchen might have features such as a refrigerator, pull-out garbage can, and pantry area. To build a custom kitchen, several finishes and materials are available. An outdoor kitchen countertop may serve as extra prep space as well as a gathering location for family and friends.


Creating a functional and attractive outdoor living space can substantially boost the value of your house. It also provides an inviting haven for both you and your loved ones. There are several options for modifying your outside area to suit your requirements and layout, ranging from patios and shrubs to fountain features and kitchens. You can hire professionals like Act House & Landscaping’s Gardening team if you are looking for house landscaping services in Canberra.